Watercolor by Jennifer M 2010

The name Country String Shop is synonymous with luthier Robert Kain.  Effective January 1, 2022, Robert Kain retired and closed the Country String Shop located in Campbelltown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Hence this web address is a summary of Bob’s work as a luthier from 1976 to 2021.  During that time his handcrafted instruments included 203 violins, 24 violas and 30 cellos labeled Robert Kain Signature, Spring Run and (since 2011) Robert Kain Violins, as well as 34 banjos, 42 acoustic guitars, 28 mandolins, 6 ukuleles, 7 lap harps and 32 mountain dulcimers.  From 2016-2021 there were 44 violins and 4 violas that bear the label “CSS Violins” which Bob completed at the Country String Shop.  The majority of his instrument-crafting was performed in his home at Spring Run Farm, Hershey, Pennsylvania, and was finished/accessorized in the Country String Shop in Campbelltown.  All of Bob’s instruments were finished with his distinctive process that is recognizable by its soft sheen that allows optimum quality sound projection.  All Robert Kain instruments have been paired with fine quality accessories.


The Country String Shop’s humble beginnings started in 1993 at 57 W. Main Street, Campbelltown (former Miller Harness Shop), then in 1995 moved to 54 W. Main Street (former Mengle farmhouse across the street), and finally criss-crossed the street in 1998 at 2849 Horseshoe Pike by moving into the 1930 Campbelltown Volunteer Fire Company building.  At that time the business expanded into music lessons, recitals and events, and the building was renamed the CSS Music Academy where the Country String Shop was located in the lower level.  In December 2020 the CSS Music Academy building was sold to new owners Jen and Sandy Harris, who have expanded the business and operate under the name Campbelltown Academy of Music & Arts.


It has been a fabulous 45-year run for Robert Kain instruments and the Country String Shop.  We gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the support of our customers, family and friends.  Thank you to all, and may your days be blessed with the gift of music.

--Bob and Nancy Kain

We hope you will stay in touch with us at email address rkcountrystrings@aol.com,
or our mailing address, P.O. Box 499, Campbelltown, PA 17010