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   CSS Prelude violin--SOLD!

   Kain 1999 rosewood guitar
Franz Hoffman Concert cello

Eastman Master 605 cello


Listed below are our featured instruments.  Our very affordable outfit prices differ depending upon choice of  bow and case.  Please check with us regarding prices as stock changes daily.

Note that all instruments are accessorized with customized
setups in our shop.  Please call us if you are looking for an
instrument other than those listed below -- we can generally
accommodate your needs with a few days notice.

Special note:  Some of our instruments are customized with Wittner fine-tune carbon geared pegs -- easy tuning, no pressure, and no tailpiece adjusters are necessary!


    Robert Kain RK202 4/4 Violin--SOLD!
    Robert Kain Premier RK200 4/4 Violin (pictured below)--SOLD!
    Robert Kain 10/99 Violin
    Robert Kain 1999 rosewood/herringbone dreadnought guitar (w/elec)
    Country String Shop A (2014) mandolin--SOLD!


   Prelude 4/4 violin outfit--SOLD!

   Concert 4/4 violin outfit
   Glaesal 4/4 violin outfit
   Sandner 4/4 violin outfit
   Otto 4/4 violin outfit--SOLD!
   Regale (1-pc bk) 4/4 violin outfit--SOLD!
   (2) Old German strad copy 4/4 violin outfits
   Old Milano strad copy 4/4 violin outfit--SOLD!
   John Albert 4/4 violin (Philadelphia, c. 1880)
   1893 Gelsinger (decorated) 4/4 violin outfit
   Academy 4/4 violin outfit
   Soloist 4/4 violin outfit
   Various 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and
other small sized violin outfits


   Lorenzo Conti 12" viola outfit--SOLD!
   Amati E190 12" viola outfit--SOLD!
   Andreas Eastman 200 13" viola outfit
   Lorenzo Conti 13" viola outfit--SOLD!
   Franz Hoffmann Concert 14" viola outfit--SOLD!
   Amati 14" viola outfit
   Samuel Eastman 100 14" viola outfit
   Prelude 15" viola outfit
   Amati 100 15" viola outfit
   Anton Schuster 15-1/2" viola outfit--SOLD!
   Amati 125 16" viola outfit


   Amati Concert 1/8 cello outfit
   Franz Hoffmann Amadeus 1/2 cello outfit
   Amati 90 3/4 cello outfit
   Meisel Mozart 3/4 cello outfit
   Franz Hoffmann Prelude 4/4 cello outfit--SOLD!
   Franz Hoffmann Concert 4/4 cello outfit
   Eastman Master 605 4/4 cello outfit

Other Instruments:

   CSS (Country String Shop) A 2014 mandolin--SOLD!
   Epiphone 12-string guitar (used) w/case
   Robert Kain 1999 rosewood dreadnought guitar

   Sigma TB-1 (black cutaway) acoustic electric guitar


                 Robert Kain Premier RK200 4/4 violin
                 2014, Guarneri pattern, Evah Pirazzi strings,
highly polished tamarind accessories--SOLD!


    RKain 202 Violin--SOLD!

     Robert Kain 10/1999 Violin

John Albert (Phila. c1880)


               Soloist 4/4 Violin

          Academy 4/4 Violin


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