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CSS Prelude 4/4 Violin


    Christian Benker 4/4 Violin

      1893 Gelsinger 4/4 violin



Note that all instruments are accessorized with customized
setups in our shop.  Please call us if you are looking for an
instrument other than those listed below -- we can generally
accommodate your needs with a few days notice.


    Robert Kain RK208 (Guarneri pattern) 4/4 Violin
    Robert Kain RK207 Viola--SOLD!
Robert Kain 0019 rosewood/herringbone dreadnought guitar (w/elec)
  Robert Kain 0044 rosewood classical guitar


   CSS Prelude 4/4 violin outfit
   Roma 4/4 violin outfit
   Christian Benker 4/4 violin outfit
   CSS Academy 4/4 violin outfit
   RKain Artist 3/4 violin outfit

   Krutz 3/4 violin outfit
   Various 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and
other small sized violin outfits
Check out our selection of VINTAGE VIOLINS:
   1893 Gelsinger (decorated) 4/4 violin
   Old Guarneri model 4/4 violin
   1920 Joseph Metzner 4/4 violin
   Knute Reindahl rebuild 4/4 violin
   Steiner copy 4/4 violin--SOLD!!
   Strad 1721 copy 4/4 violin

   Andreas Eastman 305 14" viola outfit

   Franz Hoffmann Etude 15" viola outfit
   Schroetter 15-1/2" viola outfit
   German Strad copy 15-1/2" viola outfit
   Strad copy (no label) 15-1/2" viola outfit
   Cremona 16" viola outfit
   J.E.Zust 16" viola outfit

   Amati 80 4/4 cello outfit
   Franz Hoffmann Concert 4/4 cello outfit
   Oxford 4/4 cello outfit

Other Instruments:
   Knilling M-V57 electric bass (used) w/amp, Ingles stand--SOLD!!
   Epiphone 12-string guitar (used) w/case
   Robert Kain 0019 rosewood dreadnought guitar w/electric & case

   Robert Kain 0044 rosewood classical guitar w/case

AVAILABLE ... a selection of older, refurbished vintage violins ...

                       Old Guarneri             1920 Joseph Metzner

                    Knute Reindahl rebuild 4/4 vintage violin


Robert Kain RK208 Violin

       CSS Academy 4/4 Violin


       Strad 1721 copy Violin

     Franz Hoffmann Concert 4/4


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